YouTube 15.18.36 Apk Android + Windows + PC Full Version Free Download

YouTube 15.18.36 Apk is a networking web site for uploading and viewing content. Each user has a station where they keep an eye on this history, create playlists, subscribe to additional channels, receive notifications, and can upload videos. You do not have to own an account. However, to like or comment on them, users must build a channel. It promotes the creation of new content but additionally allows users to get feedback. You may also buy paid from the biggest names in theatre for full-length pictures. It paves how as a societal networking platform but also being a leader in viewing. The website is simple enough for a newcomer to have the ability to incorporate effortlessly in addition to the more computer savvy individual to feel at home. It takes three steps of clicking on the video you would like to upload to start your channel, selecting the privacy settings, and clicking upload.

YouTube 15.18.36 Apk Android + Windows + PC Full Version Free Download

The state Studio app makes it faster and easier to control your channels on the go. Review your hottest stats and respond to comments and schedule videos, upload custom video thumbnail pictures, and receive notifications so that you can stay connected and productive from anywhere. This Kid offers Certain stations for Children in separate categories such as Shows, Music, Learning, and Research. These are all channels that can be safe for kids. There’s also a search function that restricts video results using user input and automatic investigation; therefore, inappropriate videos aren’t displayed. One annoyance is that the program just works in the landscape for all purposes; therefore, hunting on an inferior screen might be annoying. Also, the preferences password is simply spelled out numbers; therefore, if your Kid can read, they could access options inside the program.


  • Monitor channel and video performance with easy-to-use analytics
  • Filter and answer comments
  • Get notifications when something important happens.
  • Update video details including thumbnail pictures, monetization settings, and schedule dates
  • Manage playlists



  • Needed to allow one to log into to your accounts


  • You are required to allow one to store your video thumbnail images.


  • Kid-friendly articles
  • A lot of educational channels
  • Automobiles can flag inappropriate videos
  • Effortless to use interface for uploading and viewing
  • Endless articles free of
  • Live comments in your job
  • Easy to socialize with creators


  • May Be Tricky to make use of this Lot of material properly
  • To buy a Covered video on Youtube, you must have a Google accounts
  • Landscape simply orientation
  • Limited settings controller
  • Free Download for Android
  • APK Status

YouTube 15.18.36 Apk for kid-friendly viewing

  • It provides a ton of videos, but unfortunately.
  • There are lots of inappropriate videos for kids.
  • Even though there are kid-friendly channels, they have been hard to discover.
  • These kiddies solve this issue by segmenting videos right into its program with only content that is kid-friendly.

A clean part of YouTube

  • It isn’t intelligent to let kiddies randomly explore YouTube.
  • Even though channels can place age restrictions such as videos.
  • It isn’t just really a potent tool to block kids from watching inappropriate videos.
  • The Kid is a separate program that’s defined content limits, which only allows videos.

Ideal for parents

  • Kids are just a perfect app for parents searching for educational videos for their children.
  • With various channels like Sesame Street, the sum of educational programming is fantastic.
  • Kids offer an excellent solution to discover content that is articles.

A necessary separation

  • YouTube kiddie is a program that parents need.
  • With so many distinct videos having a program that specializes in kid content is excellent.
  • The app is simple to use and understand, and also the minimal functionality is perfect preparation.
  • A tablet computer or phone to get a young child to browse the net safely.

All kinds of videos for a myriad of children

  • Our library is filled with family-friendly videos on many various topics.
  • Tripping your children’s inner creativity and playfulness.
  • It’s everything from their favorite music and shows to learn how to construct a model.

Other information:

  • Parental setup is needed to guarantee the best experience possible for your Kid.
  • YouTube Kids contains paid advertisements as a way to offer you the app for free.
  • Your Kid can also view videos with articles out of its creators, which are not paid ads.
  • The Privacy Notice for Google Accounts managed with Family Link clarifies our privacy.
  • Techniques as soon as your Kid uses Kids with their Google Account.
  • The Kids Privacy Notice applies without signing up to their Google Account.
  • If your child uses YouTube Kiddies.

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