SHAREit 5.4.28_ww Apk Android + Windows + Full Version Free Download

SHAREit 5.4.28_ww Apk is available for several platforms Windows, Windows Phone, Android. A let us begin guide immediately presents the functionality it has to offer you. The interface is attractive and user friendly. Invite friends via QR code, or internet sites, email. Use it to send and get files. Other SHAREit users in your location. It does not save files in the cloud. It is free software, and it checks for updates. The immediate file transport sharing platform has ever been a million users’ international popular. It’s not so easy to move files from one destination to the next without the data loss or period ingestion. The use of hotspots remains the reason the application form is much more enabled than the usual standard Bluetooth file transfer program. It’s been backed up with a dominant media player, song set, backgrounds, and a whole lot more.

SHAREit 5.4.28_ww Apk Android + Windows + Full Version Free Download

For your information, it for Android can do its feature of moving files between two devices without using cloud storage. There are no definite platforms to share the data through the app. It only can work with almost any device. The information transfer may be accomplished with up to five tools. After the program is joined to your devices, the receiving and sending data process could be carried out. There is also a chance to replicate a device and send the files. This particular app is multi-platform, but this feature is what may cause some problems. The difficulties are set off by troubleshooting connection that takes place on different devices. Considering wifi connection and Bluetooth aren’t required, the app needs to create a direct link into the device which the hot spot is connected to.


  • Know the procedure to share app downloading
  • Various apps supply the same services. It’s a market of rivalry.
  • Popular apps recognition because they offer exemplary features and services.
  • But you ought not to download an app only as it’s the hottest.
  • You need to find out for yourself what features share it needs to offer you that produces.
  • It is the speediest cross-platform sharing program.
  • It is times as fast as blue tooth sharing. It can transfer files.
  • You can Shareit Android Apps any and every kind of file over it.
  • Regardless of the number or size of files, you share it at the moment.
  • You can also check the quantity of data sent and received.
  • Two hundred times faster file transport in comparison with a standard blue tooth connection.


Free movies: 

  • IT provides HD videos to watch. You may download them for offline viewing.
  • The list keeps getting upgraded so you can always find something fresh to see.

Complimentary music: 

  • It offers millions of songs from high quality.
  • It curates a playlist based on your preference for easy accessibility to a kind of music.
  • The list is always updated so you can find trending music if you would like.

Dedicated Music and Video Player:

  • The SHAREit music and video players hold a variety of document formats to make sure.
  • That the user may play anything audio or audio file that they moved for their device.
  • The music player comes with a highly effective equalizer.
  • The video player supports HD quality.

Wallpapers and more:

  • It has a range of GIFs, stickers, and wallpapers to get your experience colorful and fun.
  • You can personalize your profile with all these fun features.


  • SHAREit has its secure connection protocol to ensure all files shared from the other side.
  • The app is safe and inaccessible to third-party apps.
  • The app provides a virus-free transfer every time you send or receive any folder or file.


  • The most exciting characteristic is the fact that the app does not have any cost.
  • They set in a way that does not interrupt document transfers or actions on the app.
  • The full selection of features is available free of the price tag.
  • Its user-friendly experience is of top quality. However, it is still entirely free.

Multiple File Type Sharing

  • Again, an app’s efficacy can be perceived over many files and also the type go.
  • It allows you to ship various files at one go over.
  • Whether it’s a picture, an app, or even a video.
  • Simply select your file from the different categories and tap on Send.
  • Where Xender falls short, this is. It can send files of a particular type.
  • So, if your buddy wants a document and two apps out of you.
  • You’d have to talk about the documents in two separate sessions.

The Best Way To Transfer Files Between PC and Mobile?

  • Launch SHAREit onto your mobile device.
  • Also, launch it on your PC.
  • If you’d like to receive in your cellphone, then click the Send button onto your PC, of course.
  • Should you like to receive it in your PC, then tap on the Send button.
  • Select the files you wish to ship from your mobile device or PC and tap Send.
  • Currently, tap the Receive button on the receiving device.
  • The sending device will begin looking for local devices.
  • Click on the avatar of the accessing device.
  • The files will now begin to move between your cellphone and PC.

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