PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Apk Android + Windows + PC Full Version Free Download

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Apk supplies the real experiences that most players initially get out of it on PC and box. However, it suffers from several issues that make it problematic for skilled players and beginners to acquire full control. You’ll see an email that gives you the option to end the game if you prefer to achieve this. If this is the situation, helicopter rescue and will soon arrive the survivors, and the winner will receive a birthday cake that will quickly be set on a lawn. As you can tell, the business chose the brand new peacemaker version of this game to heart. Tencent has done all that it can to alter to fit the rules and regulations with Game of China. The users that have installed the game will receive an automated upgrade, so do not worry about the changes. Even though the differences couldn’t be more peculiar, the truth is that the Battle poker encounter has barely changed at all.

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Apk Android + Windows + PC Full Version Free Download

Bloomberg cites that Tencent has even consulted with the Chinese military recruitment department during the development of the new form of the favorite battle royale. Dip in, gear up, as well as complete. It provides one of the exciting combat royale gameplay experience you ever had on the mobile phones. Pick on any play manner you want and play solo, duo, or as a team to gain the game! It’s possible to play free anytime and everywhere. However, I love that you’re in a position to fine-tune appearance and movement sensitivity, remap switch locations, and more to obtain the perfect configuration that works best for your play style. It is possible even to implement gyroscope controls to finetune your target in a scoped view. The game has also compact some of the more finicky mechanics, so you will get ammo and accessories combined.


  • The fixed dilemma of reward notifications not only emerging.
  • If you can find Daily Missions from the reward for Missions.
  • Issue of Crate Names clarified in Mission License Perks not matching the crate.
  • Fixed issue of players being wrongly ranked throughout the season change with ratings.
  • Point of players struggling to maneuver the avatars in these teammates in Team Mode.
  • Items are inserted to BP Shop, for example, Season 8 passes, more and assignment cards.
  • The UC Purchase Bonus screen was updated. Gains also have been upgraded.
  • Title effects have been improved.
  • Select mythic outfits are exhibited with weapons drawn.
  • Unified the Crate titles and finetuned the result of this navigation bar on the perfect side.

Here Is What the critics are saying about PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Apk:


  • Polygon’s Charlie Hall is loving PUBG Mobile. Also, he’s surprised how well it operates on his old phone.

The Fantastic

  • I am here to tell you that this version of the video game is unbelievably excellent.
  • It’s a full-featured port with a smart interface.
  • And it runs astonishingly well even in my old i-phone.
  • Overall, everything is in its place.
  • It’s quite a feat, considering how small the real estate.
  • Bounds better than the bizarre accommodations needed to play an Xbox controller.

The Awful

  • If I have one criticism, it is that running in one way and appearing in one other is just.
  • A little fiddly right now and takes some getting used to.
  • Attachments, along with other items on the earth, flash up on the screen.
  • At a grid and you also have to pick the ones you want individually.
  • Which can be tedious with a more compact signature screen.
  • I recommend an Android tablet computer if you’re going to spend some time.

How Ways to Find PUBG on iOS and Android

Android Police

  • More than Android Authorities, Matthew Sholtz side onto his device.
  • And unearthed that topical gamepad support isn’t quite there yet.

The Good

  • The pictures are perfect, especially when playing on the highest settings.
  • I have discovered very few framework drops, even though the map.
  • And textures detail is less compared to PC or console releases.
  • The gameplay just isn’t that far different from the PC and console releases.
  • You still play with players that are lost on a Great battlefield.

The Awful

  • I can move my player fine with the analog sticks.
  • However, the remaining buttons on the control perform absolutely nothing.
  • This means the controller support just needs more work.
  • Even although it is not unusual to observe famous ports landing.
  • The Play Store is lacking any option for physical gamepads.

The Verge

  • Although The Verge’s Sam Byford admits he is still bad at later playing for nearly a year, he is enjoying the mobile port.

The Fantastic

  • Performance is dominant over the pre-production I’ve been analyzing, having a smoother frame rate and higher resolution.
  • It’s just very cool to see that a groundbreaking gaming concept that attracted monster PCs for their knees a year past can already run on mobiles.

Requirement of cellular

Android version

  • 1.1


  • 2GB

Survive Till Dawn:

  • New weapons, critters, and systems. The difficulty continues to be tuned
  • Gamers are now able to spectate matches with their friends.
  • Crew or Clan members and adjust Spectator Mode privacy settings
  • Portable Closets are now swapped in combat
  • Added Spring Theme and Treasure event

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