OkMap Desktop 13.7.5 Crack & Keys 2017 Download Free

OkMap Desktop 13.7.5 Crack & Keys 2017 Download Free

OkMap Desktop 13.7.5 Crack & Keys 2017 Download Free

OkMap Desktop 13.7.5 Crack:

It is just a suite of cartographic applications (for Windows, iPad, iPhone) for specialist tasks to the industry, outside activities, and your satisfaction within nature (search and rescue, trekking, mountain bicycle, 4WD, geocaching and far more).[custom_list icon=”arrow-circle-right”]


  • Within the suite, you’ll get a navigation system with offline maps and maps that are internet maps install from map servers
  • It’s creation of custom plans to utilize with your GPS, design of tracks for the map GPS, navigation having a compass
  • It was the manufacturing of track statistics and track graphs yet others features which can be numerous.
  • Numerous people elect to pick a course that is certain making on a break or before you start some tasks that are outside climbing or happening a family group group trip in the midst of nature.
  • A energy like OkMap could be the unit you need to produce your personalized path just if you are considering producing a individualized map and determine for a path to follow up to a destination that is for certain.

This system can import maps much more than 30 formats, including GFW, JGW, PGW, TFW, BPW (World file); ECW (Earth Resource Mapping); GeoTiff; MAP (OziExplorer); IMP (CompeGps); GMI (GpsTuner); SHP, DBF (Esri form file) and DCW (Digital Chart of World), along with many image formats. And it shall interface right with Google Earth and Google Maps.


  • Through these maps, you can arrange your paths by producing waypoints, routes, and tracks in your personal computer monitor, and upload this given information to your GPS.
  • OkMap sets automatically altitude data, and estimates travel times.
  • Also, OkMap provides you with car routing and functions that are geocoding.
  • Data collected by your GPS could be downloaded on your personal computer
  • It showed and stored on the maps and be properly used to additionally produce several types of information.


  • Evening Vision
  • Display maps which can be vectorial
  • Database with increased than 700 datum
  • Display maps that are internet longer than 40 servers
  • Capacity to add internet that is new is personalized servers
  • Display maps that are hybridraster + information that are vectorial
  • Capacity to maps that are available are wide ranging
  • 10 cartographic projections of the absolute most used
  • Calibration / display raster maps (over 30 image formats) (video)
  • Database with over 3000 predefined projections by geographic area
  • viewing 3D raster maps on Google Earth (for supported image formats)
  • Representation of coordinates in: degrees, degrees-minutes, degrees-minutes-seconds, UTM, ECEF, Georef,
  • US National Grid, British Grid (Ordnance Survey National Grid), Irish Grid, matric coordinates with personalized projections.

OkMap Desktop 13.7.5 Crack & Keys 2017 Download Free


  • Create a map from scratch: With OkMap and information that are natural, you’ll create an electronic that is full-featured with different views, points of great interest, routes, etc.
  • This pc software is an all-in-one solution when it concerns map creation that is electronic.
  • Google Maps integration: an attribute that is exceptional the capability to import vector information from
  • Google Maps right to the item and makes use from it to be a standard.
  • Even though the import includes actions which are few it surely is in no real way complicated or cumbersome.
  • Support for GPS devices: you can connect it to your computer via laptop to aswell import GPS data as seeing your location in realtime in the event you occur to own a standalone GPS receiver.
  • Unfortunately, you shall almost definitely not have the ability to link your smartphone to the program making use associated with phone’s GPS


  • Outdated design: As you check the software that is pc toolbar, you’ll be studied back to the complete days of Microsoft Office 2003 and Windows 2000.
  • The steep curve that is learning The software is complex. [/custom_list]

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