GraphicConverter 10.3.1 [ Crack + Keygen ] Build 2691 Multilingual MacOSX

GraphicConverter 10.3.1 [ Crack + Keygen ] Build 2691 Multilingual MacOSX

GraphicConverter 10.3.1 [ Crack + Keygen ] Build 2691 Multilingual MacOSX

GraphicConverter 10

GraphicConverter 10.3.1  has more than 1.5 million loyal users– that is the amateur that is global to professional designers. The Press has dubbed the scheduled program the equivalent from the “Swiss Army Knife” explaining it once the “Universal Genius for photo modifying on the Mac” and these performance that is high are readily available for only 34.95 Euros / 39.95 USD.

GraphicConverter 10.3.1 [ Crack + Keygen ] Build 2691 Multilingual MacOSX provides everything you’ll require and expect from a picture that is the all-around program on ease of use of used to your Mac, an excellent range of features, security, and reliability.

GraphicConverter provides you all you need and would expect for a modifying that is all-around for convenience to your Mac, an excellent collection of functions, security, and dependability.

GraphicConverter 10.3.1 Build 2691 Multilingual MacOSX is in a position to open and import approx. 200 image that is different, i.e. almost every type or kind of photo file, no matter the running system or computer platform on that your case finished up being made.

So as for having the ability you to truly save your photos in approx for you to exchange photos with other users GraphicConverter currently allows. 80 formats which can be different. With regards to the format used, GraphicConverter provides a variety of settings for the import and export of files.And so the best component is you can take to our award-winning software with few restrictions* and at your leisure until you decide on to purchase.

Key Features Of GraphicConverter:

  • a new image from clipboard after the copy of movie frame will set the exit date from the film date
  • context menu: show pictures which can be a slideshow that is open
  • added the duplicate batch product to the toolbar
  • loop film option insert text will add a line break immediately if required
  •  enter text will add a line break immediately if necessary add text supports typefaces
  •  add text helps typefaces Japanese, Danish and localization that is French
  •  Japanese, Danish and localization that is French help menu improved
  •  help menu developed ExifTool updated
  • ExifTool updated

You can convert batches of different platforms images to one type of image in one time. It supports the auto name.Easy Graphic Converter can make thumbnails in two ways: menu best Fit and size that is exact of width and height.Easy Graphic Converter can both import and export images in the next formats: windows Bitmap (*.bmp, *.dib),GIF (*.gif) and JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg) etc.

What’s New?

  • : added convert&modify submenu
  •  added option to join our mailing list
  • import and export: heic/heif (requires 10.13 or later)
  • help for import of djvu with helper tool added
  •  menu: additional hide/show selection frame command to the view menu
  • prefs part general/selection: option to show position palette automatically
  • added autosave in second structure option for GraphicConverter image document
  • Save options jpg, png and gif: added option to postprocess saved file with ImageOptic
  • preferences slideshow: choice to automatically continue slideshow after break editing that is born
  • open tiff: added optional autolevel of 16 bit grayscale files (useful for images from microscopes
  • included option to limit number of parallel thumbnail creation within the browser – useful if you work with extremely files being large use slower disk storage space devices


  • added support for label 2:60, 2:62 and 2:63 inside IPTC record
  • prefs open hpgl: added choice to set import size that is maximum
  • web browser: added more filter that is rating
  • web browser: added label filter items
  • convert and modify: enhanced function popup
  • multi drop: added subfolder option
  • Export: windows ico will generate automatically 256, 128, 64, 48, 32, 16 pixel sizes
  • Cocoon: added ratio popup to crop area


  • Convert a lot more than 50 image platforms on Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Preview images before conversion.
  • Resize graphics which are multiple varieties in batch.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use.

The search for a more alternative that is flexible iPhoto was long and hard, decent viewers for conventionally stored photos are kind of rare for OSX (PC has IrfanView and ACDsee e.g., Linux has gThumb and Geeqie). I finished up with Graphic Converter, that we currently had over a decade ago but now’s certainly a jewel.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.9 or later

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