CCleaner for Mac Free Download

CCleaner for Mac Free Download

CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner for Mac Free Download is a freeware the tool that is cleansing. It eliminates unused files from your system – allowing Mac to run faster and freeing up valuable disk space that is hard. It also cleans traces of the activities being online as your Internet history. Additionally, it contains a fully featured registry cleaner.
Regarding browsers, CCleaner for Mac is limited to Safari that is cleansing and – Chrome and Opera are not supported. It does, however, permit you to select exactly which areas of the browsers you desire to clean (i.e. include or exclude, cookies, With regards to hard drive cleaning, CCleaner for Mac supports cleaning trash, current files, and servers, cleaning of temporary folders and applications that are recent.
That’s about it for functionality. There was a Preference option under File, but it’s not accessible yet for many reasons.

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An information panel offers you details of just how much space the selected items the button that is clean. It is possible to execute a cleanup that is comparable on a few of the applications you have set up. At the moment this is limited to Safari and Firefox, but more applications will undoubtedly be supported in future versions of the software.

The choices available for the application as this is just a beta, expectations should never be set too high, as well as this very early stage.  Little limited. As things stay, the interface that is notably sparse split into two sections: Mac OS X and Applications. Into the section that is first can analyze the articles regarding the trash, temporary folder, recent documents, recent applications and current servers.

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For the supported browsers,  you to protect your privacy by hiding exactly how you have already been utilizing the internet.

CCleaner application that is basic removing temporary files has grown itself to a great extensive application which can do even a minute, the cache of each. You could have known. CCleaner for Mac Free Download also gives you an option of preserving cookies of this browser, so from the effort of doing login in all logged-in websites again so it may save.

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Options that come with CCleaner Free for Mac

  • CCleaner helps you with cleaning history that is browsing your very own or a provided public computer by deleting all saved passwords along with other temporary internet files.
  • It doesn’t leave any trace for anyone do to any type or sort of Tech.
  • CCleaner was also eliminating information from many windows applications which you might have utilized for accessing some files and folders.
  • CCleaner removes traces of currently deleted documents by securely wiping disk space that is free.
  • CCleaner also cleans up a registry that is unused is incorrect or not anymore needed by any apps in PC or by the OS
  • CCleaner helps in decreasing the memory weight and speed up boot time by specifying which programs autorun during Windows boot.
  • CCleaner is also popular for assisting you uninstalling those applications which Add/remove programs fails to remove.
  • Of course, you can uninstall any application using CCleaner.
  • One of my feature that is favorite of is Manage your snacks.
  • In CCleaner, you can get to choose which browser cookies you want not getting washed during cookies cleaning.
    Standard upon running cookies cleaner, CCleaner will delete all of the snacks from all installed browser in your computer.
  • Nonetheless, there are three ways, using which you can keep your snacks and clean other files.

Features :

  • Item management.
  • Un-Needed languages from applications.
  • Support for Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8).
  • Cause results to be reported incorrectly.
  • Improved updating of cookie.
  • Improved support for cleaning rules.
  • Hidden from specific Analysis outcomes.
  • Incorrectly identify a browser that is running.
  • Several minor UI tweaks.

Pros :

Easy to make use.
Deletes trash, recent files, temp files, etc
Customizable cleansing for Firefox and Safari
Shows how KB that is many have freed


Doesn’t support applications which are many
Still in development
Limited in comparison to Windows version

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