Boxcryptor 2.15.578 Portable Download (Windows + Mac + Linux)

Boxcryptor 2.15.578 Portable Download (Windows + Mac + Linux)

Boxcryptor 2.15.578 Portable Download (Windows + Mac + Linux)

Boxcryptor 2.15.578:

Storing your computer data into the cloud includes both positive and aspects being negative. Boxcryptor is a solution that helps with this specific by encrypting your information on your device before it gets synchronized to the cloud storage provider of the option.

It combines the huge benefits of the very most user-friendly cloud storage solutions aided by the security standards that are highest global. Encrypt your data close to your device before syncing it to the cloud providers of your option.

I set up Dropbox to utilize as my primary drive for all my document that is electronic filing. This has caused a safety issue at work because my Dropbox files are replicated to all my machines at house and labor. We’re not allowed to keep sensitive data on our local drives, and my very own records will set their security scanner off. Therefore I’m being forced to encrypt my documents that are own.

Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and several other providers without having to sacrifice safety, privacy, or comfort. Effortlessly encrypt your files locally and access them via your Windows 10 device – anywhere and anytime. Your cloud provider only receives encrypted files, and also you keep control of one’s information.

The security debacle at Dropbox week that is final plenty of peoples’ eyes to your requirement for user-managed encryption for cloud-based storage space. Read on to find out how to secure your Dropbox (and other files that are cloud-based with Boxcryptor.

Boxcryptor 2.15.578 Portable Download (Windows + Mac + Linux)

Once you create the folder and assign a password, drag, and fall, this is the files you want to be protected into that folder. BoxCryptor immediately encrypts and protects them utilizing the AES-256 standard.


  • Chromebook Help
  • OneDrive upload
  • CloudMe register
  • Egnyte detailing
  • New: Mail.Ru Hotbox support
  • Enhanced: Network security
  • Improved: App Unlock Experience
  • Chrome Tab support for Strato HiDrive
  • Microsoft Office files read-only that is open
  • New: Cancel operations in browser view
  • Chrome Tab maybe not focusing on some products
  • To unlock the folder and see your files, just run BoxCryptor, navigate towards the encrypted folder and enter your password.

Boxcryptor is file-encryption software designed and specially made for cloud use, with help for all cloud-storage that is major, as well as any cloud-storage provider that follows the Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) standard.

Users may not need or need all their files become encrypted. So that you can offer users with the capability to quickly determine which files are encrypted, encrypted files found on a cloud-storage provider will show with an expansion that is“.bc” and encrypted data in the Boxcryptor virtual drive will show the filename in green text. Non-encrypted files will show utilizing the default colors and document extensions related to their data kind.

With the quantity that is increasing of threats, information and identification privacy have become more critical. Whether for personal or use that is professional Boxcryptor features a solution.

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